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Classic FM

Sali-Wyn has been a freelance music producer for Classic FM radio station since 1999. As a music producer, Sali-Wyn assists in the structuring of radio programmes; specifically in the design of the musical content and in the liaison with presenters, such as Simon Bates, Jane Jones, John Brunning and Katie Derham. She has detailed knowledge of the music scheduling software, 'Selector' and has some experience of studio production and editing. She also has worked as a music researcher and script writer for various shows. Her work contributed to the following nominations  at the prestigious Sony Radio Awards of 2004 and 2005.

The Daily Music Show of the Year 2004


Producer Sali-Wyn Ryan, Presenter Mark Forrest
'This programme is slickly presented and the music well sequenced: it targets its audience effectively and professionally.'


The Weekly Music Show of the Year 2005

Late Night Lisa



'Lisa Duncombe handles late nights with such passion and enthusiasm for the genre, it's not hard to see why she's succeeded in attracting so many new young listeners to Classic FM.'


Producer Nigel Gayler, Presenter Lisa Duncombe, Music Producer Sali-Wyn Ryan